May 7 - Legal Stuff: What You Need to Know and What You Should Ask

May 7 - Legal Stuff: What You Need to Know and What You Should Ask


As the spouse of a family business owner you're often aware of legal decisions being made that might affect you, your spouse or your kids. Do you know what these documents mean, where they are and if they have been updated? When you're involved in signing documents, drafting or reviewing them do you know what to ask? Join us for a practical presentation about the key legal documents involved in owning a family business. Learn what you need to know and get ideas of what you should be asking about.

May 7, 2019 | 11:30am-1:30pm | Midland Hills Country Club | Roseville

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Presenter: Jessica Johnson

Jessica is a managing partner at Punch & Associates Investment Management, a multi-family office and investment firm located in Edina, MN. She is involved in all aspects of Punch clients’ wealth planning. She brings a unique perspective to family conversations, having practiced trust, estate, and charitable planning law at a large local law firm for nearly a decade. Jessica is an advisor skilled in both family financial education and navigating complex planning opportunities. Above all, Jessica enjoys helping clients identify goals and feel organized and confident about their plan.

Jessica received both her Juris Doctorate and Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Minnesota with honors. She has been a frequent speaker at educational events for financial advisors, attorneys, and accountants. Jessica also served as an attorney advisor for the United States Tax Court. In her role at the court, she researched complex tax matters and wrote judicial opinions for estate, partnership, corporate, and individual tax cases. Prior to law school, Jessica began her career with a wealth management group. Jessica grew up in Iowa and Wisconsin, and she now lives in Minneapolis with her husband and two children.