EOS/Traction Self-implementer Workshop


EOS/Traction Self-implementer Workshop


November 8 1pm-4pm


Have you been using the EOS/Traction tools and want to take it to the next level? Are you using the tools such as the Level 10, V/TO, score card and want to get more from them? Did you get started with the system years ago and need a "tune-up"?

Join a limited number of other family businesses for a three-hour workshop designed to help you strengthen your own EOS implementation.

Topics include:

  • The EOS model
  • Getting clear on your vision
  • Right people/right seats
  • Using the right data to guide your family business
  • Working through issues
  • Setting up processes
  • Gaining traction toward your vision

If you'd like to get crystal clear on your vision, gain traction toward that vision and be a truly healthy family business, this session is ideal for you.